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Peter Crefeld



In just a few years, I have been able to find much information about the Crefeld family.  Growing up, I came to realize that Crefeld was not a familiar name, and now we know why.  My great-grandfather, Frank, was the only Crefeld to come to America.  The rest of the Crefeld family stayed in Germany, and are still there today.  This book is a dedication to the history of the Crefelds in America.


Chapter 1 Crefelds Arrived in America

Chapter 2 Crefeld Witting connection

Chapter 3 Crefelds in the 1920s

Chapter 4 Peter Crefeld moves to Pequannock

Chapter 5 Crefelds take part in World War II


*** This is a work in progress.  As I get new information, I will put it up on the site.  Also, I will add images at some point. ***